Hop Plant Variety: Magnum

Magnum is a high alpha variety that was developed at the Hop Research Center in Huell, Germany. It is widely grown in the Hallertau region of Germany, and is also grown in the U.S. Magnum is a good bittering hop for Ales and Lagers.


Alpha Acids: 12-14%

Beta: 4.5-6%

Yield #’s / acre: 1,340 – 1,700

Purpose: Bittering

Co-Humulone:  24-30%

Seasonal Maturity: Late

Growth Rate: Moderate

Sidearm Length:

Cone Size: Large

Cone Density: Moderate

Resistant to:

Susceptible to: 

Style Guide:  Lagers, Pilsners, Ales, IPA’s

Aroma: No distinct characteristics some spice and fruit

Substitutes: Horizon, Northern Brewer, Hallertau, Nugget


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