Hop Plant Variety: Fuggle

This classic English aroma variety has long been grown in both Oregon and Washington. It has a typical English aroma and contributes a balanced bitterness. Fuggle is very suit-able for English and American-style Ales.


Alpha Acids: 4-5.5%

Beta: 1.5-2%

Yield #’s / acre: 1,070 – 1,600

Purpose: Aroma

Co-Humulone:  26%

Seasonal Maturity: Early

Growth Rate: Poor to Moderate

Sidearm Length: 12-24”

Cone Size:

Cone Density:

Resistant to:  Downy Mildew

Susceptible to:

Style Guide:  Ales, IPA’s, Bitters, Stout

Aroma: Fruity, Earthy

Substitutes: Styrian Golding


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