How tall will the hops Grow?

A mature Hop plant can grow up to 18+ foot tall. 

How many plants do I need?

We figure about 1,000 plants per acre depending on the set up of your hop yard.

Rhizomes versus Plants?

SRF provides established field grade hop plants. (top growth and an established root system) When planting a SRF hop plant, you should expect faster growth and a much better first year yield than a rhizome. A rhizome is a piece of the root cut from a mature plant typically taken out of the hop yard. When planting rhizomes you usually plant 3 roots per mound hoping that they will grow into a mature plant. Typically there is a 70% success rate with rhizomes.

How far apart do I plant them?

You should plant your hops a minimum of 4 feet between plants of the same variety. A minimum of 5-6 feet apart when you are switching to a different variety.

When should I plant my hops?

Spring planting should take place when the threat of frost is off.  Fall planting should be done about 8 weeks before there is a threat of frost.  That will allow the roots to get established.  For more information on your planting zone click here.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we can ship internationally! Each country has their own import requirements. Please contact us so we can help you navigate this process.

When should I order my Hop plants?

It is best to order your plants 6 months in advance. If planting in the Spring it is best to get your order in no later than July. If planting in the fall no later than May.

This gives us the appropriate amount of time to propagate the plants that you will need.

What yield can I expect from my first year plants?

The first year you will obtain a very small yield as the roots are getting established. Year 2 you can expect about a 50% yield. Year 3 the plant is mature and could expect a full yield. Now that also depends on other variables. (Weather, pests, and fertilizer)

What variety should I plant?

Most growers plant what they know they can sell. So it is best to be in contact with some of your brewers to see what they are interested in. For home brewers, they grow what they will use. You can also view our hop informational sheet to see what the characteristics of each variety entails to make a better decision.

I live in Oregon. Will you ship to me?

Unfortunately we can not ship to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Hawaii due to their strict shipping laws.