Welcome to Sandy Ridge Farms’ first blog post!

Sandy Ridge Farms is a family owned greenhouse whose focus is quality plant material as well as excellent customer service.  We are proud to supply high quality Michigan grown hop plants to hop farms in Michigan, as well as Midwest hop farms, East Coast hop farms, and even some West Coast hop farms.  We are often asked how far we can ship hop plants?  As you can see we have been given the opportunity to work with some great hop farmers across the US.  The answer is anywhere that doesn’t have a quarantine banning the import of hop plants.  Our hop starter plants can be found in hop yards across the US, in Canadian hop yards, Brazilian hop yards, and most recently Japanese hop yards.  During the winter of 2016 we were called on to supply hop plants to a Brazilian research company.  Most recently we received a request from a hop farm in Japan for Sorachi Ace plants and had the privilege of sending those to Japan in February of this year.

If you’d like more information on the 30 hop varieties, we have available as hops starter plants or the varieties we are currently building stock on select the variety you’re interested in below.  These links well also allow you to purchase hop plants.

Currently available:

AlphAromaCascadeCashmereCentennialChinookCluster L8 ColumbiaCometCrystalFuggle H,  GalenaGlacierHallertau m.fLibertyMagnumMt HoodMt RainierNewPortNorthern BrewerNuggetPerleSaaz 72,  SterlingSorachi AceTahomaTettnanger Triple PearlUltraVanGuardWillametteYakima Gold, Zeus

Soon to be Released:

EroicaHorizon, Pocket TalismanTeamakerUK SerebriankaZatecki Cerveni

In future posts we’ll discuss topics such as; How many hop plants per acre? Which chemicals Michigan State University is currently recommending for hop production in Michigan?  What are some of the good agricultural practices suggested for commercial hop production?  And other topics pertaining to hop cultivation, perennial gardening, succulent containers and seasonal home décor.

You can also watch for glimpses into the everyday life here at Sandy Ridge Farms and the fun we have in the greenhouse and at the industry events we attend and sponsor.


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