Zatecki Cerveni

Zatecki Cerveni Hop Description

Zatecki Cerveni translates to Saazer Red, or Saaz semi-early red bine.  A heartier clone origination from the traditional Saaz plants of the Czech Replublic, Zatecki Cerveni displays aromas of spicy, citrus, floral, fruity and a touch of herb.

Country of Origin: Czech

Alpha Acids: 2.5-4%
Beta: 4-6%
Yield #’s / acre



Seasonal Maturity:

Growth Rate:

Sidearm Length:

Cone Size:
Cone Density:           

Resistant to
Susceptible to:

Style Guide:  

Aroma:  Floral, Spicy, Citrus, Herbal, Fruity

Substitutes:  Saaz

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