Potting Parties

After 16 years of doing Potting Parties at the greenhouse, we are sad to say they are coming to an end. We had lots of fun, built great relationships, and made some great looking containers. But all good things must come to an end. 2020 was a real challenge and we decided it was time. Thank you to everyone who hosted parties, and to those who attended. We are truly blessed by all of you. Thank you!

You may be wondering, what is a Potting Party?

A Potting Party at Sandy Ridge Farms formally Annual Ambiance is an opportunity to plant your patio containers with the assistance of our trained container artistes before anybody else in your neighborhood has even thought about spring. This is your chance to enjoy planting your beautiful containers, without having to worry about any of the cleanup. Sandy Ridge Farms provides quality plants, soil (top quality Canadian Sphagnum moss potting soil with time release fertilizer, this is the same soil we use in our 90,000 square foot production greenhouse), and the assistance of our container artists to help you design the best container combination for this coming summer. Once your containers are planted we will care for them until May when it is warm enough for them to move outdoors, all you do is back your vehicle up to the greenhouse and take your beautiful containers home to enjoy all summer long.

Potting Parties are meant to be a low stress opportunity to spend time with friends and family while playing in the dirt before anybody else gets to. What could be better than spending a couple of hours with some good friends amongst growing plants on a chilly March evening? We encourage hostesses to bring appetizers and beverages of their choice, along with some fun loving friends to spend the evening with.

Come have fun, leave the work up to us!


What is a potting Party?

A potting party is where customers come to plant their spring, fall, and winter planters. Customers bring their empty planter and can choose from a variety of plants to place in their container. Sandy Ridge Farms will keep your spring planter and help it grow by watering and fertilizing them until they are ready for pick up usually by Mother’s Day. Fall and Winter parties customers are able to take their planter home that night.

How much is it?

Costs vary depending on the type of plants that you pick out. There are different plant types Fillers, Thrillers, and Spillers. Each type of plant is meant to do something different in your container and is priced accordingly. Depending on the size of the planter; an average 13”planter starts at $25. The benefit of planting your own containers is that you wont have the same Hanging Basket or planter as everyone else does from the local shops. Your planter is unique to you. We also have a few empty containers here that you can purchase as well if you need new ones.

Can you plant my containers for me?

We sure can. Starting Fall 2019 you can set up an appointment to drop off your containers and have one of our expert designers help you design your containers for Spring. We will walk you thru the plants that are best suited for Sun or Shade, and talk about what color combinations you are interested in. We will store your empty containers thru the winter months, plant them for you according to what you and your designer came up with. Then in May you can pick up your beautiful containers.

If you have questions contact Sarah at (616) 875-2260 or click here to email us.

Also, hostesses we would love to see some of the pictures you took during your parties. You might even see yourselves right here when you return. If you would like to share your pictures with us you can post them on our Annual Ambiance Facebook page.

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