Canadian Redvine

Canadian Redvine


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Canadian Redvine is a dense and profuse hop plant.  It has a high vigor, excellent yield and disease resistant.  Because of its High Cohumulone and low alphas it is not widely used on its own during the brew process. It has a light citrus but mostly pine flavor.

Country of Origin: Canada

Alpha Acids: 5%
Beta: 5 – 6%
Yield #’s / acre:  2000

Purpose:  Aroma

Co-Humulone: 47%

Seasonal Maturity:  Late

Growth Rate:  Very High

Sidearm Length:

Cone Size: 
Cone Density:

Resistant to:  Moderately to Downy Mildew
Susceptible to:

Style Guide:  Red Ale, Canadian Porter, French Porter

Aroma:  Pine, Citrus

Hop Quarantine restrictions: Cannot ship to WA, OR, or ID

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